Credits dNew: From 50 To 500 € In A Very Simple Way

dNew is a financial service, you can request money online at the moment, in cash or in your account. It is a small Spanish company that has many shops or stands scattered throughout the Spanish geography where you can have access to financing instantly, that is, to quick loans.

The clients of dNew can count on the security of a company associated with AEMIP (Spanish Association of Microcredits), an association focused on the protection of users of this financial sector.


What products does dNew offer?

personal payday loan

The credits of dNew are from 50 to 500 €. For new customers, the limit is 300 euros. From the second quick personal payday loan you can access the maximum figure. Therefore, you can not request a loan of 600 euros.

dNew also offers a product called “Advance Cash”, which is considered an advance of money waiting to collect your monthly salary. It’s like a salary advance and you can always request it in multiples of € 10.

Regarding the return of the dNew loans , a minimum term of 5 days and a maximum of 30 days is established, depending on whether the credit is reimbursed prior to the agreed date or if it has not been returned.

The cost of the dNew loan is established according to the return period. That is, you will pay more or less commissions according to the term in which you repay the loan. But if the date arrives and the client can not pay, a loan can be renewed for money, always at a higher cost.


dNew, requirements to apply for a loan

apply for a loan

You can request a loan from dNew , these requirements must be met:

  • Be between 18 and 75 years old.
  • Have a bank account located in Spain.
  • Have residence in the country.
  • Regular income guarantee: payroll, pension or unemployment benefit.
  • Have a Spanish mobile phone number.

If all these requirements are met, you can request the express loan by phone and also in any of the Cash Converters stores in a physical way, where the store staff will corroborate the customer’s data and immediately, the customer will be able to arrange money you need. To request the money through one of the Cash Converters stores, it is necessary to bring the following documentation:

  • Identity card or NIE.
  • Payroll receipt or proof of receipt of pension or unemployment.
  • Savings book, bank receipts or other type of proof that proves the ownership of the bank account.


These requirements are common to any of the available forms you have to apply for a dNew loan . Specifically, there are three ways to request a credit to the company:

  • Online: in 10 minutes you will have the money in your checking account.
  • Telephone: this option is only available to those dNew customers who have already requested some of the online loans at the company’s event before. They will have to call dNew’s phone, indicate the desired amount and the return period.
  • In store: you can go to any Cash Converter store in Spain (you can see on the web which is the closest one) and the staff will study your request and approve it in a few minutes.

Returning the money from the dNew loan can be done in several ways:

  • From your bank account: receiving the payment of the requested credit in the bank account that you indicated in the application.
  • Bank transfer: on behalf of the company and within the agreed term.
  • Cash: at any of the Cash Converters stores that the company has throughout the country.


Opinions loans and credits dNew

Opinions loans and credits dNew

More and more Spaniards are requesting an online loan (specifically, according to a study carried out in Spain, about 20% of the population between 24 and 45 years old has requested, at least once in their life, a credit of this type). The clients of dNew value their experience as users very well. The opinions of dNew that you can find in the numerous websites dedicated to microloans or personal payday loans are very positive and, above all, what most stand out is the speed of the service and being able to go to a physical store to request it.

In Count AVCredit, you can get the personal payday loan you need in a very simple way since its professionals will help you choose the best quick loans that best suit your needs. It is a very easy way to get up to € 750 and the process is very simple: just fill out the form, send your application and one of our collaborating lenders will enter the money directly into your bank and doing all the paperwork from the comfort of your home, since you can apply for a loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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